February 9 Snowstorm Update


    Good morning everyone!

    I hope you are all safe and enjoying today’s snow.

    So far around the region we have varying snow totals, which big totals to the north and east of  NYC and lesser amounts to the south and west. This was all very much expected.

    Here is the latest radar picture:

    The green shades of the radar are where the moderate to heavy snow snow bands are. As the storm begins move east north east, it will back build a little, keeping the immediate NYC metro in the snow until around 1 or 2 pm.

    Here is a short term model that shows how much more snow will fall in your area from now until the end of the storm:

    With about 5 or 6 inches here already in Nutley I am expected the lower end of my snowstorm totals range of 7-13. The same goes for manhattan, with the storm moving out quickly. This is different for for eastern parts of Long Island and southern New England, with plenty more snow for them to come, exceededa foot in many places out there. Many reports of thunder snow have been seen on Long Island in just the past hour.  All of the purple shaded areas on the map above can expect another 5-10 inches, with Boston getting even more than a foot. The Philadelphia area did not do very well with this storm due to mixing issues, as well as South-Central NJ.

    I will have a final update later today along with what to expect after this storm pulls out. Have a safe clean up!

    Joe Codomo


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