February 9 Post Storm Analysis and Dare I Day Say, More Snow???


    Happy Friday everyone!

    I hope you are all recovering well from yesterdays storm. How’d I do? Please, give me feedback. I was too high with snow totals to the south and west of the immediate NYC metro area due to unexpected mixing issues, but besides that everything seemed to fall into place.

    About 7 and a half inches fell in Nutley, making our season to date snowfall total reach 18 inches.

    Other snow totals around the area included:

    NYC (Central Park): 9.4 inches

    Newark Airport: 7.8 inches

    Maplewood, NJ: 6.3 inches

    West Milford, NJ: 11.3 inches

    Hawthorne, NJ: 8.1 inches

    New Brunswick, NJ: 5 inches

    The Bronx: 12 inches

    Islip, NY: 14.3 inches

    Selden, NY: 16 inches

    Here are some maps that show these totals more clearly by specific location:

    As you can see, Southern New England was the hardest hit, as forecasted.

    Moving on from this storm, I see a few other snow chances that I feel are worth talking about.

    Here is a map for tonight’s chance. It will be nothing big at all, just a small clipper system that can produce some snow showers:

    On Sunday into Monday, a big storm will be coming into the area. This one looks to target Northen New England with very heavy snow, however snow can be seeen as far south as Connecticut. If the storm becomes colder in the next few days and I see snow possibilities I will let you know. As of now it looks to be rain with an icy mix north and west of NYC. Below you can see this potential, with snow making it as far south as the city and northern suburbs. I will update on this storm in the next couple of days if I see that snow can accumulate around here.

    After that, I see a storm signal that could be our biggest snow producer of all winter. This would be for next Thursday. Obviously nothing is set in stone, but beyond what the weather models are showing, all of the weather teleconnections look to be in our favor as well as the pattern after yesterday’s storm rolled through. For the first time. The NAO is going from negative to positive and the AO is very negative, with a positive PNA. These are all recipes for a huge snowstorm. As of right now it is way to far away to say anything so there is only a snow Potential that I want you to be aware of. Nothing is expected at this time. Below you can see what the EURO computer model showed earlier today…

    Maybe this can materialize into something big, but jut be aware that the potential is there and nothing more.

    Stay warm and talk to you soon.


    Joe Codomo


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