February 12 Mixed Bag of Precipitation


    Good evening everyone,

    This update is in regards to tomorrow’s wintry precipitation. There will be sleet and freezing rain from northern New Jersey to Southern NY and southern CT. Snow will mix in at times from I-78 and on north, and thereafter it will change to all rain. The ice that falls in the morning hours will be persistent which can cause travel problems, so try to stay off the road until the rain starts if you can. From around I-80 (give or take a few miles) and on north a trace to a few inches of snow can fall if cold air can hold out. Even from I-78 and north snow can fall. Once you go further north, the cold air will hang on longer. The lower to mid Hudson Valley can expect 2-5 inches of snow, with areas of Massachusetts getting a lot of snow. Boston can expect 6 inches or more with snow days a huge possibility. Maine will be getting clobbered with snow.

    After this mixed bag of rain, sleet, feeezing rain, and some snow tomorrow I am still watching a storm for mid-week, that if it materializes can be a big snowmaker. At this time though nothing is expected, just know it is a possibility.


    Joe Codomo


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