Hurricane Irma Update 9/6/17


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It’s been a while since my latest weather post on the snow, and I wanted to provide an update for the devastating Hurricane Irma that will near the South Eastern United States this weekend. Irma is now one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. Please, don’t be fooled by it. This monster storm has sustained winds at 185 MPH as it is a Category 5 storm….the highest that the categories go.

Just look at this thing…

Residents on the east coast, specifically the south east coast of the U.S. need to start preparing NOW. Direct landfall looks to be around the Miami, FL area, eastern/western shore of Florida, or on one of the Carolina’s. Any wavering in track over the next couple of days will tell where exactly it will go. A few trends that I have been seeing as of late include the storm wanting to go a little bit more north. Hopefully this will aide in the storm sliding just east of eastern Florida and not giving them a direct hit.  This is what the latest hurricane spaghetti models look like.

They are starting to converge and agree upon a track on eastern Florida or just east of Florida into Georgia/the Carolinas. (Let’s hope it misses Florida and escapes east like some of those spaghetti plots above).

It’s too hard to say this far out where the direct hit will be, but after analyzing it, it seems like anywhere from the west coast of Florida to south or north Carolina could get hit directly with it. It depends on the jet stream winds and the trough lifting north and how it can catch the hurricane. Impacts after the south east coast will most likely be directed up the coast into our region, but with much lesser impacts. This is going to be another historic hurricane just like the one that hit Texas. Hurricane watches have been issued for north Haiti from the border of the Dominican Republic westward to Le Mole St. Nicholas, as it slides just to the north of the Leeward Islands. The hurricane, thankfully, is just passing to the north of San Juan, Puerto Rico at the moment and will not hit them directly.  

This is what the hurricane looked like passing through some of the islands and the destruction that it has already caused. 

The eye going right over Barbuda:

The eye going right over St. Martin and Anguilla:

Barbuda, the first island that it hit, is now practicably uninhabitable after Cat. 5 Hurricane Irma plowed right over the island destroying almost 100% of very thing in its way. 



These are some pictures of what some computer models are suggesting longer term:

Wind speeds possible to be gusts or even sustained in Florida:

Possible landfall in South Carolina after grazing eastern Florida:

Once again, people who are specifically in Florida/the south east need to prepare now. Lets hope that this monstrous hurricane can continue to trend north and east and not make a direct landfall in Florida. It will not be weakening very much as the waters are very warm in the south east U.S. right now. I will send a final update later in the week if need be, but prepare now!

Goodbye and be safe! 

Joe Codomo 



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