Saturday Snowstorm Threat for the Northeast


    Hello everyone,

    I hope that all is well!

    I am writing this post because of the snow threat this Saturday night. Yes, your Saturday night plans may be cancelled (so stay tuned here!).

    Since our last snowfall, we’ve been lucky enough to have such warm temperatures around the area. Today was in the 60’s. Actually, looking ahead into next week, I definitely believe we will hit the 70’s! With that being said, in between these two time frames, a low pressure system will be coming just in time for a fresh cold air injection on Saturday. *Snow lovers rejoice.*

    I will have my full forecast out by tomorrow night for snowfall totals. What I will say is that I definitely think enough snow will fall in the northern suburbs away from all coastal areas to cancel some Saturday night plans. This will be a heavy wet snow that will fall from Saturday evening to just before sunrise Sunday. It will be a quick hitting shortwave because there is no -NAO in place (no blocking to keep the storm staying around longer). If there was a -NAO in place I would say that near a foot of snow could be possible with this upcoming storm, but that is not the case. This has been the same story all winter with the progressive pattern that we’ve been in. Right now I am trying to analyze and fine tune where the rain/snow line sets up. If the storm is strong enough, even though it could only be 6-8 hours in duration, it has the possibility to drop up to a half foot or so of snow by pulling down enough cold air. If the storm stays too weak, the rain/snow line will creep up all the way to the hudson valley, limiting snowfall totals to only an inch or so, followed by some rain. This is something I will be fine tuning tomorrow. I will have that full forest for you then. Right now I am leaning towards the middle of both of those. I am also seeing some signs of a -NAO coming into the picture in late February/early March. If that turns out to be true, we could be entering a snowy time period in March. This is even with the warm temperatures expected next week. If the pattern stays its current course, then I will definitely be forecasting an early spring. Time will tell!

    I will have a full snowstorm update tomorrow, along with what to expect for the winter over the coming weeks.

    Thanks and have a good night everyone!

    Snow Codomo