April 2 Snowstorm Recap And Thoughts On Upcoming Wintry Pattern/Snow Chances For The Northeast


    Hello snowcodomo fans!

    I hope that everyone is doing well.

    This past Monday, one of the biggest snowstorms in recorded history for April dropped snow on us. 7 inches fell in the Nutley area, with a swath of 6-8 inches of snowfall in northern NJ/Southern Hudson Valley/SW Connecticut.

    Please see a below recap of these snowfall totals around the region. The yellow colors show where 6 inches of snow or more fell. This is truly incredible to look at.

    Please see below for the latest and past snowfall totals since I’ve started recording them in 2010. This winter has been in the middle so far based on snowfall impacts.

    This below picture shows the biggest snowfall’s ever recorded in Newark, NJ in April.

    Can this #1 record be broken? It certainly isn’t out of the question in the next week or two. As you can see in the below pictures, we’ve now entered more of a January like snowstorm pattern than an April spring time pattern. Cold air from the north keeps on pushing down to the Northeast U.S. I expect this pattern to continue until mid-month, and then hopefully finally break. I too am ready for spring like weather, let me tell you.

    These light blue/pink colors show the cold in the east – more like a winter weather pattern in January, not April.

    Our next chances of snow come on Friday morning, Saturday, and around Tuesday next week.

    This Friday morning, snow showers are possible. If it ends up snowing, and hard enough at that, a coating to an inch of snow is possible. I wouldn’t bank too much on that even happening though. Just don’t be surprised if you see snow in the air.

    All my attention is on this Saturday. A wave of low pressure will be riding along a frontal boundary, and guess what: it will be cold enough for snow! Many questions come to mind: two most important right now to me are: if it snows during the day, will it stick? Well yeah, if it snows hard enough. But it’s to be determined still where the heaviest snow will set up with this storms track. If it sets up right over the NYC metro area, several inches of snow is possible. If it trends further south, which is some new news I’ve seen tonight in the computer model guidance, we could be lucky enough to miss out on a lot of this storms impacts.

    I will keep you updated as we progress throughout this week! Then I will also look ahead to next week’s snowfall potential!

    This winter doesn’t want to quit! Spring will arrive, hopefully in time for mid-April/May!

    The reds in the below map show warmer temperatures in the East to look forward to by then.

    Enjoy guys!

    Snow Codomo