What’s To Come For Our Weather – Hopefully The Last Post Including The Word Snow And A Look Ahead To Summer


    Happy Sunday everyone!

    Please see below for our snowfall totals so far this season.

    This past Friday and Saturday (up to 5PM) was some of the nicest weather we’ve seen in a while. Once the sun went down, a backdoor cold front came through, dropping our temperatures up to more than 40 degrees, from the mid 80’s to the upper 30’s. SIGH.

    Going forward, I expect spring to arrive, but slowly for sure. April will be wet and lower than average. Please see the below pictures that shows the colder than average temperatures sticking around. Hopefully by the time May comes around we can get some consistent warmth in the Northeast. I also see the upcoming hurricane season this summer to be a little bit more active than normal – but hopefully it won’t be.

    I’ll see you guys during our next big weather event! I expect next October to have a preliminary post about the 2018-2019 winter season. It’s been a pleasure tracking these winter storms with you on my new website and I can’t wait to continue that next winter – but Snow Codomo needs a vacation of his own and summer/warm temps to arrive FAST.

    Love you all!

    Snow Codomo