January 29/30 Winter Weather


    Hi Snow Codomo fans!

    We will be having a winter weather system moving through the region tomorow evening. It will start as rain for coastal areas in the afternoon, and changeover to snow at around 11PM. If you are north and west of I-287 the rain will changeover more quickly to snow, leading to higher snowfall totals. This will be a fast moving system, ending around 2-3 AM Wednesday morning. I suggest that you leave extra time for the Wednesday morning commute. Around 2/3 on Wednesday, we will have a squall line move through that will bring a heavy burst of snow for about 15 minutes to a half hour as well.

    The real story is the cold this system brings afterwards. Whatever falls will definitely stay, because we have the possibility of hitting the goose egg (0) Wednesday night. OYE.

    Below are the current winter weather advisories.

    This is definitely a north and west snowstorm again. Along and east of the parkway will see a trace-2 inches of snow. From I-287 to west of the parkway, 1-3 inches of snow is possible. 2-4 inches of snow is possible along I-287, with 3-6 inches of snow possible in northwest Jersey/the Hudson Valley.

    I like the below snow map for this event from @AWxNYC.

    Things that could go wrong: the storm is stronger, bringing I colder air and an earlier changeover, which will lead to heavier snowfall. I do not see that as being the case right now, however. I will let you know if anything changes

    Stay warm out there everyone!


    Snow Codomo