February 17 Winter Weather


    Good evening Snow Codomo community!

    I write you from the airport as I am traveling for work to Missouri, visiting one of our Ice Cream factories. So bear with me with the winter updates this week!

    We have two winter systems on the horizon.

    One is for tonight into tomorrow and one is for this coming Wednesday.

    For tonight, I expect the snow to start around 8-9PM, with a changeover to ice and rain mid-morning.

    For areas south of I-80, this will be nothing more than a coating to 2 inches. North of I-80 and west of the GSP 1-3 inches of snow is possible. New York State into Connecticut can expect 2-4 inches of snow.

    Below is a good map to follow

    I’ll have more updates on the Wednesday system this Tuesday

    Thanks and be safe everyone!

    Snow Codomo