March 3/4, 2019 Snowstorm Forecast


    Happy Sunday everyone! 

    If you’ve been waiting for a snowstorm all winter, this will be your first one. We’ve had an extremely easy winter so far when it comes to snowfall – Our year to date snowfall has been only 16 inches of snow. When you think about it – 6 inches of that came during or November snowfall and 4.2 inches came from the March snowfall yesterday. It looks like our biggest snowfall this winter will be in November and March – go figure! So much for December, January, and February. 

    Below is a snapshot of our snow totals since I started recording them in 2010:

    As you can see, it’s been an easy winter for us.

    For tonight’s snowfall, I expect it to be very disruptive for the Monday morning commute. My suggestion will be to stay home. 

    I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited to forecast a snowstorm that will drop 6 inches or more – WITHOUT ANY NONSENSE SLEET/FREEZING RAIN MIXING ISSUES FOR OUR AREA. ARE YOU WITH ME!?

    Okay, now back to the snowfall forecast. The snow will start around late evening, picking up in intensity thereafter. It should end by 8 AM tomorrow, but by then, most of the snowfall will be done and it’ll be cleanup time. Due to temperatures around freezing, this will unfortunately be a very heavy wet snow, not your light fluffy snow. It will help though that it is March in terms of melting snow, due to our stronger sun angle this time of year.

    I expect a general 5-9 inches of snow for the NYC/North Jersey area. If it was a slower mover we’d be talking about a lot more, but it gets in and out of here quick due there being no blocking to our north. Localized areas that run into heavy snow bands have the possibility of seeing 10-12 inches, but that will be isolated. South of our area in more central-south jersey should expect 3-6 inches due to mixing issues. If mixing moves further north, our snow totals will be lower, but I don’t see that happening as of yet. I like the below snowfall maps for our area

    The national weather services snowfall forecast:

    Here are the current winter weather advisories:

    After this storm moves through, it will be a very cold week for March standards. A lot of the snow that falls will stick around for a few days. 

    If this does end up being the last snowfall of the season, it’s been great talking with all of you. I’ll be looking forward to 2020 and that winter! 

    Have great day and be safe in the snow.


    Snow Codomo