March 3/4 2019 Observed Snow Totals and Remaining Winter Outlook


    Hi everyone!

    I hope you are all safe and enjoyed the snowfall!

    Nutley, NJ came in with a recorded 6.5 inches of snow. Below are some more snow totals across the metro area:

    We are now at 22.5 inches of snow for the season. Good thing it’s March – that high sun angle will help in melting this snow. This winter, more of our snow came in November and March, which is crazy to believe. Below you’ll find our snow totals by year.

    This shows the total observed snowfall for the past winter storm. Areas north and west of NYC had the most snow, with southern New England and the Boston area getting from around 8-17 inches.

    This below picture shows the cold to come for the week. Any snow that is not cleaned up will turn to black ice tomorrow, so be safe everyone!

    Besides the cold temperatures incoming, I don’t see any snow for us in the near future. If this is my last post of the season, it was great talking with you and I will see you back here in 2019/2020!

    Snow Codomo